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Isıgün Mühendislik

Our company was founded as Isıgün Mühendislik in 1997. The company was institutionalized as Isıgün Pls. Müh. Taah. Ltd. Şti. in 1997 and continues operations in the fields of mechanical installations, heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary installations, industrial installations and power generation-cogeneration plant assembly and installation together with Promek Mühendislik founded in 2009 under ISO 9001 Quality System.

Our projects start from feasibility works and completed with the policy of turn key delivery after project design, material selection, installation and commissioning of the system.

Our company also provides service as a dealer of Alarko-Carrier product and various installation materials.

Our goal is to continue being a preferred and reliable company by completing our works with precise project designs, quality materials and our trained staff and by making the customer satisfaction a priority.



ISIGÜN and PROMEK adopted the principle of designing and implementing customers demands as functional, durable and economical projects according to their preferences. Implementing project on the right time with right materials and right components and improving our procedures constantly will be our fundamental working principle. We will make special effort to consider work safety principles, legal requirements and customer requirements while conducting our works. In this framework, our management and all employees will act to carry on ISIGÜN and PROMEK as customer oriented and preferred company offering the desired system at desired quality and time.

For this purpose, fundamental principles to lead the way are identified as follows:

• Creating a work environment respectful for both legal and customer requirements
• Using our resources efficiently
• Developing and constantly improving quality and work safety consciousness of employees
• Increasing our efficiency, ensuring and sustaining efficacy of our operations through internal and external training activities
• Maintaining the sense of reliable company created and become a brand in the sector


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